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Point C: brief history & progressive samples

I graduated from Towson University’s media and film department with a concentration in theory and criticism. When you’re a clumsy person and with a reputation for crashing computers, I thought it was in everyone’s best interest to pursue my passion for film in a non-“hey be careful because this is a really expensive piece of equipment”-capacity.

At Towson, I was thrilled to finally learn how to properly compose a screenplay. I was independently mentored by producer, writer, action hero, Keith W. Strandberg. I wrote quite a few terrible scripts, but he was always encouraging and offered a great deal of constructive criticism. His advising and guidance have continued long after.

Shortly after college, I began assisting Jason Brubaker in pre-production and budgeting. Recently, we reconnected and I began writing articles for his company’s website, FilmmakingStuff.com. In 2005, I moved to Jersey and worked on a variety of indie films in the greater Philadelphia area. On these projects, it’s imperative to wear a lot of different hats throughout production. I gained a tremendous amount of valuable experience being on set…and guess what? I didn’t break anything.

I then shifted gears for a bit and began volunteering in theater. At the Burlington County Footlighters’ theater, I learned more about the craft of storytelling, acting, the art of illusion, and how to tease a lifeless wig into a hairy maelstrom that chews more scenery than William Shatner’s understudy*. I met a lot of great people and built a network of creative support.
(*Normally, I would not mock someone by name, however William Shatner has made light of his performances, so I don’t feel as bad about it…and apologies to his understudy, I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure you are a lovely gentleman and do fine work.)


A Brief List of Experience:

Contributing writer and editor for filmmakingstuff.com: 2014 – present
Multimedia video production for Fellowship Alliance Chapel: 2013
Editor-in-Chief for Burlington County Footlighters’ newsletter: 2009 – 2011
Screenwriting Instructor for Rancocas Valley Adult Education: 2006
PHASE Magazine 2003 screenplay contest, winner honorable mention
Film Critic for The Keystone, Kutztown University newspaper: 1998 – 2000


Sampling of interviews and articles on various websites (links):

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