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Anna H Kemp

playwright / essayist

I Can’t See 3D, so Stop Asking Me to Put on Those Stupid Glasses

Oh, the laughter!  The gasps!  The whispers of “Did you see that?!”  How I’ve missed out on the communal experience of a 3D movie.  “No, I did not see that.  I can’t see 3D.”   But no matter how many times I say it, it’s inevitable that someone does not believe me.  “Surely, you jest!”  So […]

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Show Me Your Tan Lines

I went to softball camp in the summer before junior year.  I noticed that a group of girls had perfectly bronzed skin.  These girls had acquired this golden grandeur by working their part-time jobs picking produce on a farm.  Okay, so technically, these were farmer’s tans.  But, tans non-the-less.  As a member of the Milky […]

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What If Songs Didn’t Have Titles

What if songs didn’t have titles? The wonderful thing about humans is our desire to communicate.  We’re co-dependent beings who love to share.  We can take some pretty great lengths to make sure someone understands us or that we get our point across.  Music is a major force in our world, and as such, we’ll […]

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Repositioning GPS

I recently found myself uncomfortably dependent on my GPS.  While I was house sitting for my aunt, I volunteered to help a friend move in a town I was barely familiar with and I also joined a discussion group that met in a town I had never even heard of.  Almost daily, I had to […]

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Be Kind – Rewind

I had my first part time job at 17 as a sandwich artist at Subway.  That gig lasted less than a month.  Ditching jobs was something of which I had a real talent.  A genuine knack.  By the time I was 20, I had already been employed seven times.  Seven jobs in three years.  Pretty […]

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The Hairy Truth

Three years after living in New Jersey, one of my greatest fears came to life.  It was something so horrific, I vowed to be ever-present of mind from that day forward.  It was a tragedy so shameful, my parents could barely speak to me.  My own flesh and blood. I picked up a Jersey accent. […]

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Shower Head

I would like to credit something that has afforded me countless moments of creative success… Showering. Showers are wonderful. Sometimes, they can be 10 minutes of an absolute Grammy-winning-diva-blow ya’ mind performance. Other times, a shower has engaged my mind into a witty repartee on the Late Show where David Letterman and I become best […]

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Cartoon Legacy

As a nine year old kid, I knew way too much about Buddy Hackett.  Why?  From his Vegas act?  Hardly. The reason being that he voiced Scuttle in The Little Mermaid.  And let’s be honest, what kid wouldn’t love a gossipy, misinformed seagull?  As my memory for the film’s soundtrack grew, so did my understanding […]

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Socrates: The Next Viral Sensation

When the written word gained popularity and literacy grew, philosopher Socrates was greatly dismayed.  As an orator, he was an expert at recounting events from memory.  Those stories would then pass on person-to-person by the spoken word.  He feared that writing things down would weaken people’s ability to remember and retain information, stories, and poetry. […]

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Dress to Kill

Women’s fashion ruins the shelf life of otherwise, ageless television.  Our desire to stay up on trends, slaps an expiration date on the richest of programming.  I sadly realized this while binge watching one of the best sitcoms of the last 50 years, Frasier.  Granted, two of the main male characters (Drs. Frasier and Niles […]

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be doers of the world and not only hearers // James 1:22